Since 2007, Meisys has been a scientific consultancy firm which focuses on businesses in the health sector and specialises in creating value for our clients in technological and scientific fields, offering appropriate solutions for their business needs.


We rely on technical support from an interdisciplinary team of doctors, pharmacists and health science graduates and we are led by professionals with proven experience,  from Spanish and multinational pharmaceutical companies.


At Meisys, we consider training and the updating of different work areas that affect both us and our customers to be vital. So we offer various training courses both open and in company.


Constant training is therefore an important aspect of our business, and we rely on the collaboration of recognised experts in the fields of training and other areas that can affect the pharmaceutical industry

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Análisis descriptivo del departamento de Compliance en la Industria Farmacéutica en España

Patricia Ortega, Miguel Ángel Galve, Eva Soler, José Ignacio Olleros, Rafael de Juan, Jaime Gaspar, Daniel Fernández Larragueta, Susana Linder Nehama, David García García, José Zamarriego Desde el Grupo de Trabajo del Sector Farmacéutico (GTSF) de la Asociación Española de Compliance (ASCOM), se analizó a través de una encuesta, el mapa del perfil del Compliance […]

Patricia Ortega (Directora Médica de Meisys), presenta en Farmaforum la “Guía de Buenas Prácticas de Información Médica en la Industria Farmacéutica”

El Grupo de Trabajo de Información Médica de la Asociación de Medicina de la Industria Farmacéutica (AMIFE) presentó en Farmaforum la “Guía de buenas prácticas de información médica en la industria farmacéutica” desarrollada en el marco del Grupo de trabajo de IM de AMIFE.

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