Medical Information

The objective and high quality medical information provided to professionals and patients is extremely important for both the pharmaceutical industry and the end consumer. It can be a determining factor for professionals when making decisions in their clinical practice, and it is important for patients in order to comply with their treatment programs. However, doing so in compliance with current regulations requires thorough knowledge of the legislation and of the different policies that affect the pharmaceutical industry.

Información Médica - Meisys Medical Information Systems

At Meisys, with staff with over 20 years of experience in this field, we are able to provide support to various pharmaceutical companies and businesses in the health sector so that they can give high-quality medical information to their clients via various services:

Call Center:

General medical information on products with MAH, according to current legislation.

Disease awareness programmes.

Patient support programmes.

Product query resolution in writing (advanced medical information).

Development of query response templates.

Documentation: Provision of articles, books, journal registrations, etc.

Literature searches in biomedical databases.

On-site consultancy.