Medical Affairs

Providing scientific support to the Marketing and Sales departments so that they can comfortably and effectively work is essential in the pharmaceutical industry. As such, we at Meisys provide scientific support to the different departments and provide them with medical knowledge about the product, pathology and the drug’s competitors. We also have specialists in the sales department (Marketing and Sales).

We have specialists in scientific writing (medical writers) in all therapeutics areas. Here are some of the services we offer:

Medical Writer: Manuscripts, product monographs, clinical pharmaceutical records, dossiers of therapeutic value, web content for both patients and professionals, etc.

Support in drafting and adapting Guides for the introduction of new drugs (GINFs) Health economics


Scientific and sworn translations

Training (in person and/or e-learning).

Promotional meetings (minutes in Spanish or English with a Medical Writer).

Creation of digital media applications. Content development for websites and virtual consultations.

Personal on-site consultancy. Temporary MSLs